Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear You

Did you ever notice my signs? Because with giving you signs or telling you directly are just the same: not working.
Did you ever miss me, A LOT? Because I feel it almost every time. And you don't even care.
Did you ever realize that your existence means a lot for someone? That someone is me.
Did you ever know when I wanna be with you? Why are we always go with them, why not just the two of us? I really need some time for us. Just you and me :(
I'm tired, sometimes, of being 'a girlfriend', while it's still a long long way to go for marriage. But I know I found you as my future husband. I wanna keep this relationship but I hate to feel these sadness things. Is it too silly, huh?

Is It Too Mainstream for Being GALAU?

Penat. Penat. Penat.
Akhir-akhir ini banyak kekecewaan yang saya telan. Pahit.
Saya merasa hampir kehilangan tempat untuk berkeluh kesah. There's nobody. And nowhere.

Rumah. Harusnya menjadi tempat yang nyaman. Tapi sekarang (sedang) tidak.
Teman/pacar/orang-orang. They're just too busy with their own businesses. They will only listen to me once, then go. Nobody will stay. This is a crisis. It feels like I have no trust to them anymore. I'm trying to cheer my self up, without them.

Sebenarnya saya malu.. Saya tau Allah SWT bersama dengan saya. Selalu. Dia bahkan lebih dekat dari urat nadi.
Astaghfirullaahal'adziim :'(