Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Spontaneous Decision, You Name it

Woohoo.. Have been absent for a while posting some craps here, keep saving some drafts but haven't finished those writings yet.. But today I MUST, just to share or maybe remind my self about one of the important moments in my life. Here we go..

Two nights before, Dingox said to me about getting married next year. He proposed me? Not sure, but he was said it clearly, that he would talk to his parents about it. About marrying me :)

I was surprised, shocked, happy, but however felt a li'l bit nervous, too! How could I not, I was the one who always wanted to hear him saying about "the fixed time" for us to get married. And he usually replied, "We're talking about it later, okay? It's a long way to go, girl,"
Enough said.

The most surprising part of this story was yesterday, when he talked it with his parents. What about getting married in the second half of 2014. And guess what they said?
"Why not in the first half of 2014? The sooner the better."
O, ow. But we both still, yeah, like "Are we really ready for this?"

So, the plan is, I'll graduate in November this year (aamiin), then he'll come to my graduation from Samarinda, and bring his family to my house for "nembung". Kind of proposing, I think, in English :p

O, God, please give us the way, let it be the best decision that leads us to the best things in life. Aamiin.