Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bad English of Mine

When i was in elementary school, Mrs. Uut, my English teacher decided moving to Australia with her husband. Since she was my favorite teacher, I was really sad, my friends were too.

That afternoon was the last class we had before her leaving. All students cried, we really didn't want her to go.
I started to write something in English for Mrs. Uut and gave it to her. I gave my own handmade bracelet, too.
'Maybe these things can make her know that I love her and someday she'll come back to teach here,' that was what I thought.

When I memorize it now, I'm like.. OH GOD, WHY..
Guess why??

Because what I wrote on that letter was:
Mrs. Uut, please don't remember me..
'Please don't remember me..'
WHAT???!! Dafuq!
What I meant to say was 'don't forget me'.. But..
My bad English made it wrong!

From now on, I'll improve my English skill, so I won't have embarrassing experience like that again.

Hey, how's my English, you think? Still sounds like a mess?
D'oh. My bad!

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