Friday, July 26, 2013

Pack and Go!

Backpacking. Something that I have never thought to do years ago. But a travelogue by Windy Ariestanty, Life Traveler, changed me, as it became my inspiration and opened my mind that you can travel around the world on budget. And later, people call it as backpacking.

Going without paying any luggage, somehow, you only need to master how to pack your belongings on your backpack. Quite challenging, though, since you sometimes just want to bring this and that, ALL you think you need.

Hunting airline promo fares will be your new hobby. Backpackers often start their new steps from it. And for me, yes, I got my first experience to go to another country from promos.

Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Not many nor far, but experiencing as a traveler in those countries has opened my mind enough: That many people, outside your country, are living.. With their own way. You can 'take off' your selfishness, for a moment. You can see how 'the other world' is spinning. You can be more grateful, you can even love your origin country more and more.

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia.
And I promise myself to travel more and farther.

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