Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Wish that...

You won't forget to hold my hands, and 'press' it on the thumbs.. :p
You'll remember how you hate my painted nails.
You'll give me flowers, some chrysanthemums or roses -- which its colors are my favorite.
You'll like to listen to me singing, don't care how bad I do it.
You're willing to share or exchange foods with me when we are in restaurants, like we usually do.
You'll listen to me enthusiastically as always.
You'll always do those silly expressions that make me laugh.
You'll make me smile even when I'm mad at you.
You'll write "I Love You" on my note books.
You'll put my photo in your wallet.
You'll stop telling me "YOU WISH" thing.
You won't forget to lend me some novels of yours.
You'll always be my partner in gossip.
You'll call me "Cint" in front of your friends.
You'll let me to hug you and listen to your heart beat.
You'll let me to stare at you, even when we're in public places.
You'll understand how hard I through the days when I miss you. :(

You'll always stay the same, loving me..