Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Lovely Differences between You and Me..

He can easily falls asleep.
I'm... Well, I'm 'normal' at it. Yeah, as normal people do their 'sleeping activities'.

He's so insensitive that seems like he has his own world, sometimes, no care of what's around when he's focused on something.
I'm a girl who always needs to be cared by someone I love. I'm a girl who spoiled, yes right. (Did you ever realize it, dear?)

He wonders about why someone give flowers to others.
and I wonder why he just can't figure it out -- about flowers thing. I looove flowers and I'll be so damn happy if someone gives it to me.
(Someone? I mean him, actually, but let's forget it)

He reads books. Any historical books, comics, (maybe) novels, etc.
I read SOME books. Ok, it doesn't mean I don't like reading. I do love it, but it seems like my time is just for doing blahblahblah except reading books.

He's good at singing, I think. He always makes me whisper "Oh boy, you're so WOW!" when we're in a karaoke (or is it only me who always LEBAY?)
Me? Errr, a bathroom singer. Ok, no more explanation about it, right? *sigh*

He's a 'calm outside-freak inside' boy. He mostly looks like a calm boy, but somehow if you knew him for a long time, surely you'd call him Mr. Freaky Freak.
I'm both in and outside freak.. and cruel, sometimes :P

He's lazy to brush his teeth -- before sleeping at the night. Yuckz
Me? Hah, don't you ask it. Reckon I'll always do. :D

He loves manga (a Japanese genre of cartoons, comic books, and animated films). Kinda maniac.
Me? I like them as my 'childhood stuffs'.

His TOEFL score is five hundred blahblah. He'd like to have an English-conversation with me.
But, I usually NGELES by saying "No, please.. You know my TOEFL score is less than 500 and I only use English in passive ways!"
*My English ain't really good, actually :P

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